29 Essential Food Experiences around the World That Will Make Your Mouth Water ...

One of the benefits of travel is the wealth of amazing food experiences that await you. Food is a major feature of every culture and says so much about the country you are visiting. When you visit a new country, don’t seek out the golden arches, the fried chicken, or the full English breakfast, seek out food experiences and really get a taste of where you are.

1. Gobble up Grilled Sardines in Portugal’s Algarve

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The Algarve is Portugal’s southern coast. It is characterized by simply stunning beaches and cute towns and villages. Villas hide away in wooded foothills, terracotta pots bake in the sun, the biggest noise is the sound of golf clubs hitting balls and the small fishing ports still support generations of coastal families. One of the essential food experiences of Europe is to eat freshly-caught sardines in the Algarve. Sure, visit a quayside restaurant, better still haggle with a local fishing boat for some of their catch and cook them over hot coals on the beach.

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