8 Essential Ancient Sites of Egypt to Visit ...

As a once mighty and powerful civilisation, there are plenty of ancient sites in Egypt that are simply awe-inspiring. The fact that these places and buildings were so fantastically constructed centuries ago with the most rudimentary tools and methods just makes them even more amazing. Come with me – walk like an Egyptian – as we go on a tour around some of the spectacular ancient sites of Egypt.

1. Pyramids of Giza

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The pyramids are not only the most iconic and recognizable ancient sites of Egypt, but they are also the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. Located not too far from the capital city of Cairo, they are one of the world’s most visited attractions, although there are only 3 here out of the 138 that exist all over Egypt. Among them is the tallest pyramid in the country, the Pyramid of Khufu, aka the Great Pyramid, which stands 140 meters (460 feet) high. It is estimated that the construction of Khufu, which as well as being the biggest is also the oldest, dates back to 2560 BCE.

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