7 Entertaining Airline Safety Videos That Will Keep You Giggling after Take off ...

Airline safety is a serious subject but delivering a vital message can still be done in a fun way. It’s far more engaging to watch an entertaining safety video than watching a cabin crew member point out safety exits. Here are some airline safety videos that are as good as a movie.

1. Delta Airlines: Party like Its 1980

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This tongue-in-cheek video features dozens of now-laughable fashions and technology from the 1980s. The hilarious airline safety video shows a modern central figure reciting all the rules for travelling on the plane that we may have heard many times, but with hilarious accompaniment – when asked to place small items under the seat, a passenger removes his Devo hat and obliges. Two girls switch places when their big hair blocks the aisle. When instructions about using the air masks are presented, a passenger helps Alf adjust his mask. It finishes with Kareem Abdul Jabbar reprising his role in Airplane.

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