7 Entertaining Airline Safety Videos That Will Keep You Giggling after Take off ...


Airline safety is a serious subject but delivering a vital message can still be done in a fun way. It’s far more engaging to watch an entertaining safety video than watching a cabin crew member point out safety exits. Here are some airline safety videos that are as good as a movie.

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Delta Airlines: Party like Its 1980

This tongue-in-cheek video features dozens of now-laughable fashions and technology from the 1980s. The hilarious airline safety video shows a modern central figure reciting all the rules for travelling on the plane that we may have heard many times, but with hilarious accompaniment – when asked to place small items under the seat, a passenger removes his Devo hat and obliges. Two girls switch places when their big hair blocks the aisle. When instructions about using the air masks are presented, a passenger helps Alf adjust his mask. It finishes with Kareem Abdul Jabbar reprising his role in Airplane.


Southwest Airlines: Safety with Sass

Where possible, safety instructions are shown on videos rather than by the flight crew. However, at least one flight attendant has a solid future as a stand-up comedienne if she ever decided to switch careers. Passengers are informed that in the unlikely event they needed it, everyone would get their own personal “teeny weeny Southwest bikini” (the floatation device). She mentions that there is indeed a smoking section, outside the plane. “This is a no smoking, no whining, no complaining flight,” she adds, then finishes her presentation with all eyes at attention.


Air New Zealand: Barely There

They implore you to take a second look, and you definitely should! The entire cast of this commercial is actually nude, with their uniforms painted on. Set to the highly appropriate “I’ve got you under my skin,” this real life flight crew shows all the obligatory safety points while cleverly holding props to hide certain aspects of their anatomy. However, one video clip shows a crew member buckling a seat belt and exposing his belly button. The video signs off by saying, “From the airline whose fares have nothing to hide!”


Virgin America: do the Safety Dance

Passengers are treated to Virgin’s energetic safety briefing in preparation for the plane’s take off. Complete with catchy music and fun choreography, you get treated to a relatively boring message delivered in an easily digestible and visually pleasing way. The music calms and a gentle rap of instructions begin, then kids deliver messages via rap and one section features futuristic robotic dancers. Overall, it’s a feel-good video that makes you want to pay attention!


Thomson Airways: out of the Mouths of Babes

This entire video stars 7 year-old kids conducting themselves in a sweetly adult way. The very mature acting star explains all the details of safe travel, while a bespectacled cutie demonstrates various pieces of safety equipment. Those kids are convincing enough that you can actually believe they know exactly what they are talking about! Thomson is targeting family travel and this video chose the right messengers to get the attention of family members with small children.


New Zealand Air: Safety Message from Middle Earth

This is the second time New Zealand Air appears on the list of great airline safety videos - ya gotta give kudos to their marketing group. This one has a Hobbit theme, and the announcer comes complete with a long flowing dress, and Irish accent, and pointed ears. Characters on the plane may have pointy ears as well, or hairy feet, helmets or epic beards. They may be goblins, hobbits or other creatures. Of course, there is the requisite gorgeous man, breeze blowing through his hair. At one point a gold ring even makes an appearance. Truly, “The Airline of Middle Earth.”


Icelandair: Tour without Leaving Your Seat

Okay, so this one’s not funny, but it’s still awesome. The normal safety instruction ensues, however, safety illustrations are superimposed on Icelandic scenery. For example, the exit slide is placed over a waterfall, and when talking about lights that may appear on the floor, we also get treated to the Northern Lights. If you never wanted to visit Iceland, you’ll change your mind after this video.

Don’t you think this is a great way of getting across the message of airline safety?

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Cute video by Alice (7years old), Thomas Airways good job.

My favorite is the second one.

Very entertaining videos

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