7 Effective Ways to Fight Jet Lag That Work like a Charm ...

If you plan on taking any flights in the near future, check out some of these effective ways to fight jet lag! Jet lag is something we really can’t avoid, but there are many ways we can help prevent it or fight the effects of it. The last thing you want once you’ve traveled all that way is to be too tired or out of sorts to be able to enjoy yourself! Take note of these helpful ways to fight jet lag and fly smarter!

1. Set Your Clock

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One of the more effective ways to fight jet lag is to set your watch to the time zone where you’ll be traveling. You can do this as soon as you step on the plane or even a few days before. This way, you can start mentally and physically preparing your brain and internal clock for the time change. So, if it’s nighttime where you’re headed, start getting ready for some sleep so you’re already starting to adjust to the new time.

2. Drink Water

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Being dehydrated is one of the major contributors of jet lag so stay on top of your water intake! Being dehydrated often causes fatigue, so drink up. Drink plenty of water while you’re on the plane and avoid any alcohol or coffee before and during the flight to ensure you don’t add to the issue. If coffee or a cocktail is a must-have on a flight for you, be sure you drink more water to make up for the water you lost from these diuretic beverages!

3. Avoid Overeating

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Another way to prevent jet lag is to avoid overeating before and during the flight. Eating too much not only worsens the symptoms of jet lag, but it can make you tired when you’re trying to stay awake. If you’re trying to adjust your internal clock to get accustomed to a new time zone, you don’t want to go into a food coma on the plane! Stick to light, healthy snacks or a light meal to prevent fatigue from food!

4. Exercise

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If you’re wondering whether you should work out during your trip, an article by NBC reported that exercise can affect the severity of jet lag. Experts stated that while exercise does not directly affect your internal clock, it can help increase alertness at night and help increase the length of your sleep, which helps reduce the effects of jet lag. Try getting in some physical activity in the morning or later in the day to tire you out!

5. Get outside

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Another one of the helpful things you can do to fight jet lag is to get outside! Once you arrive at your destination, soak up some sun outside to help adjust your body’s internal clock. Walk around the outside of your hotel to get familiar with the area or enjoy your meal outdoors to help get your body used to the new time zone!

6. Stretch

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Yoga is one of the forms of exercise that has a million benefits. It helps with back pain, depression, menopause, stress management and fighting jet lag! Doing some simple yoga poses after a long flight can help you feel rejuvenated and your joints will feel loosened up and ready for a day of exploration! Check out the yoga poses on this website, which features three poses that the author found especially helpful: fight jet lag!

7. Eat Protein

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Eating healthy meals will go a long way in helping you feel better while you’re on the plane and during your trip. While you’re on the plane, start eating as if you’re already at your destination in the new time zone. Once you arrive at your destination, make sure you eat protein-rich meals in the morning and afternoon to help you with alertness. There’s even an anti-jet lag diet called the Argonne diet that purports to help your body adjust to the new time zone through diet. Check it out at netlib.org.

Now you’ve got seven helpful ways you can help prevent and fight off the effects of jet lag! Jet lag is probably the one of the more unpleasant effects of traveling, but knowing that there are many ways to survive the ordeal helps make things so much easier! Do you do anything to help prevent jet lag when traveling? What are some of your tips and tricks?

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