7 Effective Ways to Fight Jet Lag That Work like a Charm ...


If you plan on taking any flights in the near future, check out some of these effective ways to fight jet lag! Jet lag is something we really canโ€™t avoid, but there are many ways we can help prevent it or fight the effects of it. The last thing you want once youโ€™ve traveled all that way is to be too tired or out of sorts to be able to enjoy yourself! Take note of these helpful ways to fight jet lag and fly smarter!

1. Set Your Clock

One of the more effective ways to fight jet lag is to set your watch to the time zone where youโ€™ll be traveling. You can do this as soon as you step on the plane or even a few days before. This way, you can start mentally and physically preparing your brain and internal clock for the time change. So, if itโ€™s nighttime where youโ€™re headed, start getting ready for some sleep so youโ€™re already starting to adjust to the new time.

Drink Water
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