8 Eco-Friendly Vacations in the UK ...

Environmentally friendly vacations in the UK don’t mean lodges in the heart of the rainforest nor tents on the edge of animal conservation areas. Eco-friendly vacations in the United Kingdom mean simple, but cozy and comfortable accommodation in beautiful surroundings - the countryside is no less beautiful for not having exotic flora and fauna. The simply gorgeous settings are all waiting to be enjoyed on any of these eco-friendly vacations in the UK.

1. Brignall Mill, Yorkshire

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Converted from an old watermill, Brignall Mill is the perfect romantic treat that is one of many eco friendly vacations in the UK found in the county of Yorkshire. Set within a gorge carved out over time by the River Greta, Brignall Mill Cottage is the ideal tranquil location. The landscape is truly breathtaking with green rolling hills and happy grazing sheep, and the cottage has a great deal of self sufficiency with the building created for sustainability in the future. With a micro-hydro electric scheme, solar panels, a heat pump and wood burners, Brignall Mill is just lovely.

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