7 Easy Ways to Travel when in College ...


With all of the ways to travel when in college, it is no surprise that people say it is the best time to travel in your life. You have no job, no marriage, no kids, and no real responsibilities to hold you back from seeing the world. That being said, us college students don’t exactly have an abundant bank account to fund global travel, so we must improvise. There are tons of programs and other ways to travel when in college that either help you pay for your trip or give you a cheaper option.

1. Study Abroad

It might not be one of the cheapest ways to travel when in college, but is sure is the easiest. Most college have programs in a variety of cities and countries. The application process is incredibly simple and you can recruit your friends to come with you. The great thing about studying abroad is that you can take classes and still work toward your degree. If you have the extra cash to spare or if your parents are willing to help you out, studying abroad is an incredibly rewarding experience to have.

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