Don't Skimp on Your Style! Road Trip Essentials That'll Keep You Feeling Fabulous ...

So you're ready to take a fabulous spring or summer road trip with your friends. It's going to be the trip of a lifetime, but only if you're prepared. You may think you're set to hit the road as long as you have gas in the tank, your luggage in the trunk and your cell phone. But anything can happen on the road, so it's important to be prepared. Here's a look at seven things you need for an awesome road trip.

1. Pack a Car Emergency Kit

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Getting your oil changed or tires rotated is one way to ensure getting through your trip with minimum car problems. But there's no guarantee an unexpected surprise won't slow down your trip. You have to be prepared. A car emergency kit is a must-have for any road trip. It should include jumper cables, a first aid kit and flares. You can actually buy one of these kits ready to go from any retail store such as Walmart or Target.

2. Stash a Spare Key in Your Wallet

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If you're traveling with friends, there's always a chance that someone will lock the keys in the car. Make a spare before hitting the road and keep this key around your neck hanging from a necklace or string, or tuck the key deep inside your wallet.

3. Pack the Cooler with Drinks and Sandwiches

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If you're traveling on a budget, the less money you spend at restaurants and vending machines, the better. You'll save money by getting a large cooler for the trunk or backseat, packing it with ice and then filling it with drinks and snacks. This limits the number of times you have to stop which helps you get to your destination faster.

4. Bring along Some Ear Plugs for a Nap

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Depending on how long or far you're traveling, don't forget to pack ear plugs in the car with you. There will be times when you'll want to sleep while your travel mates want to listen to the radio or chit chat. A good set of earplugs can mute surrounding noise letting you rest in peace as you prepare to take over the wheel.

5. Don't Rely on a Cell Phone GPS

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GPS on our cell phones is one of the best inventions, but if you're traveling through the country or a rural area, you might lose your signal. And without a signal, your GPS will be unreliable. Even if you prefer modern technology, it doesn't hurt to have an old-fashioned paper map as backed up in the glove box.

6. Prepare Your Best Playlist

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Road trips can be fun, but they can also be boring and unending. With the best playlist, you can make the most of a long trip. Singing and dancing on the open road is one of the best ways to pass the time, especially when you can't pick up a signal on the radio.

7. Don't Forget to Pack Your Camera

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If your cell phone has a good camera, great! If not, bring along a digital camera. Chances are you'll pass several landmarks and beautiful attractions on the way to your destination. There might be opportunities to pull off the highway and take some stunning photographs that you can share with your friends on social media.

Road trips with friends offer one of the best ways to spend your summer. It's much cheaper than flying, and with everyone splitting the cost, it's an affordable way to get away for a weekend or week. What are other must-have's for a fabulous road trip?

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