Don't Miss These Southwestern U.s. Tourist Attractions ...

I recently took a trip to New Mexico and absolutely loved it! That area of the country might not be what you think of when you’re planning a vacation, but you should totally get down there and see the sights. There is a lot of history there so you can see all sorts of things from bygone eras. The beauty of the dessert is hard to match and smell of sage in the morning is something you’ll come to love as much as I did. Here some top attractions that you shouldn’t miss while you’re there.

1. San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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This is the oldest continuously operating church in the United States. It only costs a couple bucks to get in and the life that’s contained within is so worth it. The church is still used for worship, but is open during off times. You can tour the entire thing and marvel at the age of the beams and the artifacts inside. Just around the corner is the oldest house in the United States, which is something you shouldn’t miss either.

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