3 Different ☝️ Ways to Travel the World 🌍 if You're Sick of Backpacking πŸŽ’πŸš« ...

Backpacking is GREAT for when you’re on a budget. If you’re looking to take the more scenic route, however, consider these 3 other travel options. They're all distinctly different from one another and come with amazing perks!


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Group travel tours are the ultimate way to travel if you’re looking to explore the world with individuals also looking for adventure. Most group travel trips are designed for the 18-35 year-old crowd and give guests a list of choices when it comes travel style, accommodation and excursions. There are a slew of great group travel companies offering people the trip of a lifetime. The best part? For women traveling solo, group travel provides us the safety and security we need to travel abroad and have fun- without any added worries.


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If you’ve got some cash to burn, taking a river cruise is a fabulous way to travel in style. The newest luxury river cruises come with unbelievably lavish amenities and excursions of a lifetime. Think butler service. Private castle tours. Submarine excursions. Need I say more? Luxury river cruises don’t come cheap but the all-inclusivity and tailor-made itineraries make it worth your while. And with the dozens of amazing cruise lines available today, you can pick and choose one that’s just right for you. Imagine... stepping on your five star cruise ship and sailing through the banks of Europe while sipping on champagne. Sounds like perfection to me!


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Want to travel the world on a budget without carrying your life essentials in a backpack the entire time? Consider becoming an international house sitter. Big house sitting companies like The Nomador and Trusted Housesitters offer individuals the chance to live in beautiful homes all over the world- for free.

Homeowners rely on house sitters to take care of their home and pets while they’re away. House sitting sites post home sitting opportunities from all over the world- all you have to do is register, create a profile and submit an application! Pick your travel destination and see what’s available. You never know...you could be living it up in a Spanish villa, at no cost, this time next month.

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