7 Destinations for Horror Movie Fans ...

I think sometimes it’s fun to have a theme to your travel and if you’re a fan of things that make you scream and get your heart racing, there are some great destinations for horror movie fans. It should follow that the locations where movies were made are just as creepy as the movie and be so evocative as to rekindle the emotions that a good horrorfest gives rise to. So many movies are shot in studios these days because they require special effects, but there are destinations for horror movie fans featured in some classic and creepy box office hits.

1. The Isle of Skye and Plockton, Scotland (from the Wicker Man)

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The Wicker Man has a gruesome plot in which a police sergeant begins to track the paranormal disappearance of a schoolgirl, only to become trapped in a pagan labyrinth in a creepy and desolate Hebridean isle of Scotland. Though Edward Woodward movie was filmed in a number of locations around Scotland, much of the film was shot near Newton Stewart, making it one of the great destinations for horror movie fans to visit. Newton Stewart is also known for its brilliant hiking trails around Galloway and Dumfries. But for those who wish to visit the film’s Summerisle featured in the very beginning, with its sharp jagged mountains and the mouth of Loch Carron, you can get your creepy kicks around Plockton or Skye. (p.s. the Edward Woodward version is so much better than the Nicolas Cage version)

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