7 Destinations for Book Nerds in the UK ...

With a huge wealth of English literature, there are so many fabulous UK destinations for book nerds. If you like Victorian Gothic, detective mysteries, bodice rippers, kid’s stories or modern fiction, there are destinations for book nerds in the UK wherever you turn.

1. Whitby (Dracula)

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Long before Twilight and its teenage, glittering representations of vampires, Irish novelist Bram Stoker laid down the foundations for the archetypal bloodsucker in his 1897 novel Dracula. One of the top UK destinations for book nerds, the North East fishing town of Whitby is the gothic inspiration for the English portion of the story’s setting, and it boasts a dramatic landscape of foggy skies, steep cliff tops and old-fashioned cobbled streets. Lovers of classic literature can take a special Dracula themed tour to really get the feel of the place and its connection to Stoker’s work.

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