2. Banana Spider

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Now, I can't abide by spiders at the best of times, but I love bananas so this is something of an oxymoron for me. Recently, a woman in the UK found one of the world's deadliest spiders nesting on her banana which she had purchased from a well-known supermarket. After the deadly Brazilian species had effectively invaded their home, the family were forced to spend three nights in a hotel whilst their property was fumigated. It's safe to say that the supermarket in question had a little explaining to do. The females of the species, which are also known as Brazilian Wondering spiders, can grow to have a leg span of 6 inches and this is one spider I would not want to find in my bath tub. Their bite can kill within two hours and according to the Guinness Book of World records, they're the most toxic spiders on earth. As you can imagine, ever since this story hit the headlines, I have been a little wary of my innocuous looking bunch of bananas!

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