7 Cultural Forms of Transportation ...

We are so used to seeing roads chock full of cars and other motor vehicles that it’s easy to forget that in some places around the world, there are actually other forms of transportation still being used. And don’t be fooled into thinking these forms of transportation exist because they are nations where the population can’t afford cars. Sometimes they developed out of practicality and are still fit for purpose, and others have remained solely as tourist attractions. Check out these forms of transportation around the world and do let me know if you’ve been on any.

1. Monte Toboggan Ride

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This must be one of the most adventurous forms of transportation and is found in the Portuguese island of Madeira. Popular from the 1800s through the early 1900s, this throwback mode of transport is now used primarily as a draw for tourists. On a Monte Toboggan Ride, passengers are whisked down the mountainside from Monte to Funchal in a wicker or wooden toboggan, steered by two locals. At first glance, you might become nostalgic, as this thrill ride may recall your sledding days down the snowy hillsides of your youth...only the similarities end there, for on the Monte Toboggan ride, you’ll absolutely scream down an enormous mountain.

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