8 Creepy Castles ...


8 Creepy Castles ...
8 Creepy Castles ...

Many creepy castles are renowned for their grisly pasts, especially when it comes to the ghastly behaviour of their previous occupants! Bloodlust and murders seem common practice in the lives of the residents of the world’s most spine chilling castles. So, if you have a desire to investigate the some humanity’s most gruesome homes, then these 8 creepy castles should be at the top of your list!

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Cachtice Castle

It’s certainly Slovakia’s creepiest castle, as it was previously home to one of the world’s most infamous female killers: Elizabeth Báthory, 16th Century Hungarian aristocrat who was allegedly the perpetrator of some of the most sinister murders in history. She supposedly killed hundreds of young females so she could bathe in their blood to stay looking youthful. Undoubtedly mad, this lady was not to be messed with unless you wanted to end up as part of her beauty regime!


Edinburgh Castle

By far the creepiest of the many creepy castles in Scotland, Edinburgh Castle is located in what is reportedly the most haunted city in Europe. If ghost hunting is your thing, then this is the place to do it! The headless drummer boy is possibly the most disturbing ghoulish inhabitant of the castle, and seemingly only makes an appearance when the castle is going to be attacked. The first ever report of the lone percussionist was in 1650, when Oliver Cromwell’s army was preparing the strike the castle.


Berry Pomeroy Castle

This castle is home to two of England’s most captivating spectres, the White and Blue ladies. The ‘White Lady’ is said to be the ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy, who fell victim to her sister Eleanor’s insane jealousy. Margaret was held prisoner in the castle dungeons for two decades before her sister allowed her to slowly die from starvation. Less dangerous than the ‘Blue Lady’ (who apparently tries to lure male victims to their deaths by beckoning for help), the ‘White Lady’ hopelessly wanders the dungeons and ramparts of this creepy castle at night.


Bran Castle

One of Romania’s top tourist attractions, Bran Castle is said to be the previous abode of one of literature’s most macabre figures. Also known as Castle Dracula, this castle’s 15th century inhabitant inspired Bram Stoker’s classic gothic horror novel. It was actually the home of the notorious Vlad the Impaler, who not only killed his own brother and father, but also reveled in exacting revenge upon his enemies through impalement (hence the title). But he didn’t stop there, some of his other favourite punishments were burning, torturing, forced cannibalism, drowning and either roasting or boiling his victim alive. All in all, not a nice bloke!


Malaspina Castle

This castle is apparently the site of Italy’s ‘well of oblivion,’ where the Marquise Cristina Adelaide Pallavicino would throw her doomed lovers. This pit, which was full of blades, led to a water channel beyond the castle walls so there would be no evidence of the marquise’s crimes. Rumour has it that the ‘well’ also inspired Dante’s Divine Comedy, as he envisioned the descending circles of hell.


Houska Castle

This is another hellish place, especially as it’s supposedly positioned on top of ‘The Gateway to Hell.’ Terrifying half-man, half-beast creatures have apparently emerged from the bottomless pit that leads to Satan’s lair. Ancient folklore also states that no one dare enter the hole after one man aged 30-years after a terrifying few seconds of being lowered down.


Kellie’s Castle

The Malaysian home of rubber baron William Kellie Smith is left unfinished after a series of mysteries circumstances plagued those who worked upon it. An especially virulent strain of Spanish Influenza killed many of the workers who were building the castle, and Kellie died soon after. It is said that his ghost still roams the halls of this creepy castle to this day, wretched after becoming penniless through his misfortunes.


Moosham Castle

The site of many witch trials during the 17th and 18th centuries, this Austrian castle has witnessed the torturing and execution of hundreds of women. The torture chambers can still be investigated by the curious traveller today. Watch out, it’s not a place for the fainthearted!

For any lovers of the paranormal or just plain odd, these creepy castles are must see places. If however, you prefer your castles grand and full of treasures, stay away from this little lot. I personally, love Warwick Castle in England. Do you have a special castle?

Top Photo Credit: Randy Levine

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