8 Creepy Castles ...


Many creepy castles are renowned for their grisly pasts, especially when it comes to the ghastly behaviour of their previous occupants! Bloodlust and murders seem common practice in the lives of the residents of the world’s most spine chilling castles. So, if you have a desire to investigate the some humanity’s most gruesome homes, then these 8 creepy castles should be at the top of your list!

1. Cachtice Castle

It’s certainly Slovakia’s creepiest castle, as it was previously home to one of the world’s most infamous female killers: Elizabeth Báthory, 16th Century Hungarian aristocrat who was allegedly the perpetrator of some of the most sinister murders in history. She supposedly killed hundreds of young females so she could bathe in their blood to stay looking youthful. Undoubtedly mad, this lady was not to be messed with unless you wanted to end up as part of her beauty regime!

Edinburgh Castle
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