7 Crater Lakes of Outstanding Beauty ...

I like crater lakes mainly because one, it’s an adventure climbing a volcano to see them (even if the volcano is long extinct) and two, they tend to be small enough to get the maximum out of a reasonably short visit (although there are some pretty large volcanic lakes too). Their general compactness doesn’t make them any less scenic than free land lakes and you should never feel short changed on a visit to any of these crater lakes.

1. Nemrut Lake, Turkey

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If you fancy yourself as a bit of a geologist then these are the crater lakes of all crater lakes due to the fascinating temperatures. The caldera of the Nemrut volcano is home to two lakes. If you venture down close to them you will notice that one lake is cold water, where as the other has a temperature of about 60 degrees centigrade. These unusual lakes draw in hundreds of tourists and geologists, along with keen photographers.

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