7 Compelling Reasons to Visit the English Lake District ...

The Lake District is the UK’s most popular National Park and this is because there are so many reasons to visit the Lake District. Over fifteen million people make tracks to the county of Cumbria to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. With its majestic scenery and range of activities to tempt outdoor enthusiasts, the Lake District will provide the perfect setting for you to delve deep into your adventurous pursuits. Hopefully one of the following seven reasons to visit the Lake District will justify you making the trip to the North West region of England. I hope you are ready to explore.

1. Grasmere Gingerbread

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The sensation that the first bite of a Grasmere gingerbread brings to your taste buds is is just one of the reasons to visit the Lake District. This one of a kind gingerbread is made fresh every day using a secret recipe founded by Victorian cook Sarah Nelson in 1854. After one slice you will struggle not to come back and relive the exceptional flavours that this Cumbrian delicacy provides. Is it just me who has begun to salivate?

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