7 Common Reasons Couples Fight on Vacation and How to Avoid Them ...


7 Common Reasons Couples Fight on Vacation and How to Avoid Them ...
7 Common Reasons Couples Fight on Vacation and How to Avoid Them ...

Unfortunately traveling can be extremely stressful, and there are actually many reasons why couples fight on vacation. Whether you just started dating or you’ve been married for over 50 years, everyone fights sometimes. Planning a vacation is no picnic either, and everyone knows romantic getaways can often be very expensive. But there’s hope! Knowing the causes of problems sometimes helps people to prevent them. So here are the main reasons why couples fight on vacation.

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Looking at Other Women

Catching your man eyeing another woman is one of the reasons why couples fight on vacation. On an island or a beach, there are many women dressed in bathing suits, and it’s hard for your man not to stare. Stay calm, and know that it’s not that he’s not attracted to you. He just likes what he sees. If you get jealous, remember that the reason why he’s on vacation is to spend time with you. You can also say something flirty like, "I can’t wait to show you my new bikini." He’ll stop staring, and will focus his attention back on you.


Differences in What You Want to do

People are different, and have different interests. When couples go on vacation, they often disagree on which places they should go- museum or shopping, memorial or art exhibit. The key is to compromise. To prevent these fights, split up your time. Spend half of your day doing things that he enjoys, and the other half doing things that you enjoy. That way, you can both be happy and enjoy your special time together.


Differences of Opinion on How to Spend Money

Like I do, many women enjoy shopping at local boutiques while on vacation. Men, on the other hand may want to spend more money on food and drinks. This can be an issue when deciding how to spend money on vacation. I think you should talk to your guy before about this. Let him know that you’ll want to do some shopping on your vacation so that he doesn’t get upset with you.


Spending Too Much Money

The reality is that most people spend a lot of money on vacation. There is a chance that you or your partner may get too excited and spend too much money. Have no fear! The solution is to sit down with your partner before the vacation, and set up a budget on how much you both wish to spend. This way, no one will spend too much on vacation.


Getting to Places on Time

On vacation, especially in a foreign country, there are usually many different beautiful sights to see. If you and your partner both planned a whole day of activities, it is important to get to each place on time in order to see everything. It is frustrating, and fights can happen if you or your man is running late, and the whole day’s schedule gets off- track. On the other hand, you must understand that vacation is also a time for relaxation. If you, for example, want to see an exhibit at 8AM but your man wants to sleep in, you should let him sleep- unless of course that is the only time the exhibit will be open.


Packing Too Much

Like many other women, I have a problem of packing too much when going on vacation. This can lead to issues such as: having no more room in the suitcase for your guy’s clothing, having to pay an overweight luggage fee, or having to force your guy to hold your bag since it’s too heavy for you to carry it yourself. Therefore, you must try to pack light! I know it’s very difficult, but try the best that you can. It’s not worth the fighting.


Spending Too Much Time with Each Other

Although vacations are supposed to be a great getaway spent with your special someone, it can be quite stressful. Even if you love someone, spending too much time with him for such a long period of time is not healthy. It is human nature to fight or get sick of someone after a while. My suggestion is to take some time off on the vacation for yourself. Take a walk, read a book, or do something on your own that you enjoy. During this small break from your man, you’ll be able to have some alone time to relax, which will make you better enjoy the time spent with the two of you together.

For the most part, relationships are about communication and compromise. If you have both of these, you’ll be able to prevent most fights from occurring. Remember that even during times of happiness and vacation, disagreements can arise. What issues have you and your partner faced while on vacation, and how have you solved them?

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I stopped reading when the first reason you had for traveling generating fights was "looking at other women".  Just, wow.

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