7 Comfortably Stylish Outfits for Long Haul Trips ...

For me, outfits for long haul trips should be comfortably stylish - a wonderful interplay between comfort and style that gives enough room to maneuver through a journey that can last as long as 15 hours in a cramped car seat. I have been traveling a lot this year (the longest one was a 12 hour direct flight from Guangzhou, China to Los Angeles, California) with the twins and my husband. Flying and driving for more than 12 hours taught me that outfits for long haul trips should not be taken for granted. Here are my top picks from H&M:

1. Ballet Flats

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I love ballet flats because they are comfortable and so much easier to remove, especially when you are in an airport that requires you to take off your shoes. Ballet flats are the perfect footwear for your outfits for long haul trips because they are kind to your tootsies. I picked the red pair to channel the Dorothy in me, like I am following the Yellow Brick Road.

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