7 Coffee Houses in San Francisco You Have to Visit ...

There is an amazing variety of coffee houses in San Francisco. Whether you are looking for a local place to meet a friend, somewhere to sip coffee and people watch, or listen to live music and poetry, there is a coffee house for you in San Francisco. The coffee houses in San Francisco that are listed here all began here, currently roast here, or serve their brews here.

1. Blue Bottle Coffee Company

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One of the most popular coffee houses in San Francisco is a roasting company which started out in Oakland (in the East Bay, so it's technically not from San Francisco). However, Blue Bottle has steadily grown over the last ten years, and now roasts and serves its brews in the Ferry Building (at the Farmers Markets), and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as five other locations in the Bay. For all you New Yorkers out there, Blue Bottle is available at five locations in the Big Apple. Most Blue Bottle cafΓ©s offer β€˜cupping’ classes or tasting events, and if you ask the baristas to prepare you something different from your normal cup of joe, they will.

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