9 Climatically Amazing Places with Freaky Weather ...

You don’t have to be a storm chaser to appreciate places with freaky weather. Photographers love freaky weather and as a traveler, freaky weather is just all part of the experience of new places. It seems also that thanks to Global Warming and changes in the world’s weather patterns, there are more places with freaky weather popping up in unexpected locations, along with places that have always been that way.

1. Lausanne, Switzerland

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This is a great place for thunder and hail. The storms come in off the Alps and hit this lovely little area like a sledgehammer. It is one of those places with freaky weather that is actually quite scary because of the dark swirling clouds and massive cracks of thunder that set off car alarms. The storms roll in quickly and the skies are sometimes very dark and moving, almost as if it were the end of the world.

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