7 Cities You Should Visit in Provence, France ...


My host family from Switzerland took me on a vacation to all the cities you should visit in Provence. This region of France is most famously known for its lavender fields and breath-taking landscape. I was so lucky to travel to these cities you should visit in Provence, seeing many of them twice. The next time you find yourself in Provence, you should definitely check out these cities!

1. St. Tropez

St. Tropez

This city you should visit in Provence is part of the French Rivera. It’s a port-town full of larger-than-life yachts and incredible shopping. The streets weave their way through the city. We took a boat tour of some of the villas along the water, including the Villa Heineken, which is gorgeous. Look out for celebrities while you’re here! We happened to see Elton John from only 20 feet away along with other stars like Lady Gaga.

Le Lavandou
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