Cheapest πŸ’Έ Travel Destinations πŸ—Ί for 2017 to Book πŸ“Œ Now!

Travel to far off places need not be a dream. If you are savvy with your booking and savvy in your choices, there are some amazing places that cost less than $50 a day. Yes, it does take effort in finding the cheapest flight. Yes, you will have to extensively research hostels (always way cheaper than hotels). And yes, you might have to go off season, but it is all paid back when you explore and enjoy a place you’ve long dreamt about. These are the destinations to consider for 2017

1. Fabulous Fiji

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It’s hard to believe that such a paradise is so inexpensive, but Fiji is well known for being one of the cheapest luxury holiday destinations in the world. You can find cheap flights and accommodation, and then you also get a lot for your money when you are there at the open-air markets and amazing restaurants!

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