7 Careers That Could Take You around the World ...


7 Careers That Could Take You around the World ...
7 Careers That Could Take You around the World ...

Many people dream of traveling the world, but wonder how they could fund their travels. Even if you're backpacking you'll have to spend money on flights, food and accommodation. But if you go into the right professions, you could travel to all kinds of interesting places and get paid for it! Here are some careers that could take you around the world …

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Qualified nannies are in demand by wealthy families, so with a good childcare qualification and some experience you could get a very good job indeed. You could apply for jobs all over the world, and may also have the opportunity to travel with the family. Most jobs provide accommodation, so you'll be able to save your earnings.


Teaching English

English remains a very important language in business, so there will always be a demand for English teachers all over the world. The CELTA certificate is widely regarded as one of the best for gaining employment as a TEFL teacher. You could specialise in teaching children, adults, or business learners. Teaching is not a particularly lucrative profession, but with a good qualification you'll have many options open to you.


Working on a Yacht

If you've got your sea legs, working on a yacht can be very well-paid. You'll need to be capable of anticipating the needs of your employer, who may be very demanding. You'll also be working long hours and doing hard, physical work. But for the very adventurous, crewing can be a fantastic way of traveling.



Working as a buyer for a store or company can also be an excellent way of seeing the world. You'll be responsible for sourcing products and building contacts with suppliers. This kind of work could take you all over the world, and although you'll spend a lot of time staying in hotel rooms it's an excellent opportunity to see the world.



Consultancy is a very wide-ranging job title; basically consultants are experts in their field. You won't work for a single employer; companies will call in a consultant when they need their advice or want someone to work on a particular campaign. You'll need to be extremely knowledgeable, but can charge high rates for your services.



Most countries have diplomatic and consular representation all over the world, so a career in the diplomatic services offers a wide range of possibilities as to where you could take up a post. There are many different careers; you could be working directly with people or behind the scenes in support services.



Practical careers like engineering can also lead to travel opportunities. You could be working in third world countries helping to improve infrastructure, or for an oil company. There are also opportunities in telecoms, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Working in the travel industry is what comes to mind first if you want to work in other countries, but it's not the only possibility for being paid to travel. There are a surprising number of professions that require you to travel, so if you have itchy feet and want to be paid to see the world (or some parts of it), plan a career that has travel opportunities. Some jobs will only really cover your living costs, while others can be very lucrative. Where would you like to live and work?

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