9 Captivating Central American Beaches to Catch the Sun's Rays ...

When you think of Central American beaches, swaying palm trees, sugar soft super white sands and ocean waters in every shade of blue/green come to mind. Indeed, this is an archetypal image, particularly on the Caribbean coast, but the beaches of Central America, including those on the Pacific coast, also throw up rugged surf breaks and swathes of black volcanic sand. Iโ€™ve picked out some not so obvious choices of Central American beaches.

1. Trujillo, Honduras

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There are some nice beaches on the Pacific coast of Honduras, but they tend to be windswept and with large surf. The beaches of the Bay Islands are considered to be among the best Central American beaches, but the beaches of Hondurasโ€™ Caribbean coast are often overlooked. Trujillo is a charm if you donโ€™t mind the 3 hour bus ride to reach it. Youโ€™ll appreciate the laid-back lifestyle and serene life here.

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