7 Brilliant Value Destinations for 2015 ...

If you dream of exotic foreign holidays but are put off by the high cost, take a look at these value destinations for 2015. Iā€™m not saying they are cheap ā€“ any intercontinental travel comes with a hefty price tag ā€“ but these destinations offer excellent all-round value. Here are some brilliant value destinations for 2015 as recommended by travel experts and websites.

1. Bali

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Enjoy the island life without the exorbitant costs. Its affordability alone makes Bali one of the best value destinations for 2015, but Bali delivers on so many levels. Low cost beachside bungalows, delectable foods, cheap transportation, and laid back Balinese style make this a favorite travel destination; especially in winter when the weather is cold and harsh in other parts of the world. Backpackers love the hiking opportunities, nature lovers will enjoy views of tropical scenery and volcanoes, and food lovers will enjoy a cuisine with Malaysian, South Indian and Chinese influences.

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