8 Brilliant Travel Jobs ...

Travel jobs are the ideal for anyone who loves to see new places and meet new people. You’ve got to be pretty outgoing to work in travel because there are very few travel jobs that do not involve dealing with members of the public. So, if you like people, want to see the world, experience different cultures and do work that makes you happy, here are 7 Brilliant Travel Jobs:

1. Travelling Scuba Instructor

Becoming a professional Scuba Instructor is a lot easier than you may think! There are online courses which you can complete to start on your journey to becoming a travelling instructor. You will need to be brave though – you might well find yourself swimming with sharks that are larger than your car, or going to depths that you would never dream of. Not only are you able to see some of nature’s most beautiful sights, you’ll also be able to meet some great new people along the way.