7 Brilliant Travel Gadgets for under $100 ...

Travel gadgets should be useful and fit for purpose. They shouldnโ€™t take up too much room, yet should function as well as their full size counterparts. They are handy if you are going on vacation or if you are being called away for work. They are gadgets that accommodate the technological era that we are all so used to. Here are 7 handy travel gadgets to take with you wherever you go. (Prices are approximate.)

1. UWater G4 MP3 Player

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This is a very mobile MP3 player, a welcome addition to your many travel gadgets. It is able to withstand rain and storms where other devices would be left wanting. It is very compact and very light, so it is ideal for traveling and ideal for attaching to your body via sports clothing or sweat bands. It is great if youโ€™re active on vacation, so no worries if youโ€™re skiing, hiking or surfing. It has enough memory to hold 1,000 songs, and can play for 8 hours without needing to be recharged. It costs around $79.95.

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