7 Brilliant Travel Gadgets for under 100 ...


7 Brilliant Travel Gadgets for under 100 ...
7 Brilliant Travel Gadgets for under 100 ...

Travel gadgets should be useful and fit for purpose. They shouldn’t take up too much room, yet should function as well as their full size counterparts. They are handy if you are going on vacation or if you are being called away for work. They are gadgets that accommodate the technological era that we are all so used to. Here are 7 handy travel gadgets to take with you wherever you go. (Prices are approximate.)

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UWater G4 MP3 Player

UWater G4 MP3 Player This is a very mobile MP3 player, a welcome addition to your many travel gadgets. It is able to withstand rain and storms where other devices would be left wanting. It is very compact and very light, so it is ideal for traveling and ideal for attaching to your body via sports clothing or sweat bands. It is great if you’re active on vacation, so no worries if you’re skiing, hiking or surfing. It has enough memory to hold 1,000 songs, and can play for 8 hours without needing to be recharged. It costs around $79.95.


Airport Express

Airport Express This is a wireless Internet connector. You are able to attach it to wired landline computers and connect to the Internet via a wireless connection. It also allows you to connect your laptop to the Internet in less obvious places, such as in an airport. You may also connect your laptop to the Internet in more rural areas where the local populace is unlikely to have an Internet café. Unlike most Internet connection travel gadgets, it may be used to connect ten computers at a time. Find it for about $99.00.


Bedol Water Clock

Bedol Water Clock This is a digital clock that is charged with water. It is one of those cute travel gadgets that needs no batteries and it can be used as an alarm clock too. The shape is pretty cute as well. To charge it you simply fill it with water and it will remain charged for at least 24 hours. It costs $19.00.


Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Belkin Mini Surge Protector ** **

Now I hear you asking, what on earth is a surge protector doing in a list of travel gadgets? Ok, hands up how many of you have stayed in hotels or hostels where you don’t have enough sockets or you couldn’t be bothered to cram handfuls of adaptors in your luggage. If you pack one single adaptor and a mini surge protector, you have instant access to 3 sockets and 2 USB ports – so you can charge your MP3 player, dry your hair and connect to Facebook on your lappy all at the same time – no hassle and a $25.00 price tag.



Gorillapod **

If a major feature of your vacations and trips is the photos you take, you are so going to love Gorillapod. Fed up of not being able to steady your camera for that perfect scenery shot because of uneven ground? No one around to take a photo of you in front of a famous landmark? Set up the perfect group shot but you want to be in it? Enter Gorillapod. Flexible enough to bend round to be anchored to hold a camera for you but sturdy enough to keep it steady, Gorillapod is one of those gadgets for travelers you ever wondered how you did without. It ranges between $22.00-$40.00.


Fenix LD01 Torch

Fenix LD01 Torch No self-respecting traveler goes on a trip without a torch (or at least they shouldn’t), but so often you have to compromise on weight and space and what you pack is really not very good. If you choose a torch powered by a Cree LED bulb, however, you’ll have more than enough light to go caving in Oregon or read a book on the overnight train from Budapest to Istanbul. This one is powered by just a single AAA battery and takes up minimum room in your backpack as it’s less than 3 inches long. At $40.00, it's also affordable.


Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Ok, I’m cheating now, because we all know that a brand new Kindle Fire is going to cost a minimum of $159 but, to my mind, it is one of the absolutely essential travel gadgets and therefore, it’s one thing you should consider buying secondhand. It’s a complete entertainment package with a small footprint and you can certainly find used ones on eBay and Amazon for under $100.

The key question about travel gadgets before you consider buying one is how much difference they can make to your experiences. If they won’t make anything better and you’re quite happy without them, don’t just buy them because they are cool. What’s your favorite travel gadget you never leave home without?

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Ok so again. No links to these products??!

Theses are important especially if you have a long flight and these products are easy to find. Nice !

When I traveled Europe for 6. Months I wouldn't of been able to do it without my iPad. Not only did I use it to communicate with family and friends thru Skype but also to look up museum times, download maps, metro station maps..it just made everything easier

Love this list! Especially the gorilla pod! I will definitely be using it on my next trip!

A flashlight for forty dollars is a rip off.

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