7 Brilliant Sightseeing Options by Public Transport ...

It was only when I recently advised a friend to take the open top bus tour in Oxford when they come over to the UK this summer, that I realized there are some really excellent options for sightseeing by public transport around the world. Generally when we travel, we use public transport as a means to get from attraction to attraction, sight to sight, and to and from our hotel, but rarely do we think of actually going sightseeing ON public transport. You don’t have to always make your own way, trawl a destination’s streets on foot, or go on an organized tour. Go sightseeing on public transport – both as a means to get to your chosen attraction and during the journey.

1. Brussels’s Trams

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Brussels is one of the best cities in Europe to go sightseeing by public transport, as the streetcars are extremely reasonable and meander their way through all of the must-see areas of the city. Regardless of whether you’re interested in checking out the city’s museums and galleries, or simply hitting the shopping hotspots before wandering through the cathedral, there is no better or greener way to explore than by tram. The tram drivers are also generally quite friendly and helpful if you need a little information or advice whilst underway. Enjoy the tram experience, drink in the views from the windows, and hop on and off at the sights that pique your interest.

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