7 Brilliant Locations for Wine Tasting in the US ...

I’m going to dispel the myth that the best locations for wine tasting in the US are all on the West Coast. Wine is grown in various areas right around the country – including some that might surprise you. You might even find that there are some locations for wine tasting near you that you didn’t know about. That’s fun for next weekend covered then?

1. Willamette Valley, Oregon

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The Willamette Valley runs along the inner western part of the state from approximately Portland to Eugene and is one of the premier locations for wine tasting. Within that area lies over 200 wineries, big and small. Most are open to the public, some will need an appointment. Not only will wine travelers enjoy the signature Pinot Noirs, but the Willamette Valley offers multitudes of scenic waysides and forest covered side roads. Pinot Noir grapes grow best on the soft rolling hills, so most of these wineries are breathtaking as well as delicious.

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