7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Cities to Visit in Japan ...

These magnificent cities to visit in Japan will leave you feeling breathless. The beautiful country of Japan is known for its intriguing ancient and modern sites. I find it interesting that this country is essentially made up of a series of islands. Whether you are traveling to thecountry because of the rustic mountains or the magnificent springs, you will be floored by these amazing cities to visit in Japan.

1. Tokyo

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I am placing Tokyo at the forefront of this list of breathtakingly beautiful cities to visit in Japan because of its overwhelming popularity with tourists. According to Forbes.com, Japan National Tourist Organization concurred that "7 of the 10 most-visited destinations in the country are in the capital." With its futuristic and technological commodities, I am not surprised by this fact. My friend who recently visited Japan for the first time said that the main issue to be aware of in Tokyo is that it can be extremely crowded.

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