7 Breathtaking and Inspiring Places to Visit in Israel ...

If you ever have the chance to travel to these incredible places to visit in Israel, you should absolutely take it. It is a common misconception that Israel is a dangerous place, but it is actually a beautiful country filled with inspiring sights and wonderful people. There is something for everyone in Israel and I would highly recommend visiting the country at least once in your life to experience these places to visit in israel.

1. Western Wall

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The Western Wall is at the top of almost every list of places to visit in Israel, and for good reason. The Western Wall is filled with wonder and energy that you can feel the minute you step in front of it. Being surrounded by the hundreds of people who come to this wall to pray is almost enough to bring you to tears. No matter how religious you are or what you religion you affiliate with, you will be able to appreciate and be moved by the Western Wall.

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