9 Big Things in Australia to Make You Go Ooh!

When I say big things in Australia, I’m not talking about the Opera House, Kylie Minogue or barbies on the beach! I am talking about the weirdly wonderful collection of β€œbig things” all around the country. A big thing is something architectural or sculptural - usually an everyday or commonplace object always represented on a massive scale. Just like the stops and roadside attractions along Route 66, the Big Things in Australia are iconic tourist traps and great fun. There are more than 150 Big Things in Australia and here are some of my favorites:

1. The Big Lobster

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One of the most famous of the Big Things in Australia is The Big Lobster. His name is Larry and he is so big that you’ll either go β€˜ooh!’ or β€˜eek!’ Larry stands 17 m tall. He measures 15.2 m from head to tail and is 13.7 m wide. Home to this giant crustacean is Kingston, about 300 km south-east of Adelaide on the way to Melbourne if you take the coastal route.

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