7 Best Ways to Exercise on a Plane ...


I love flying and I love exercise, and the two aren’t always compatible, so what are the best ways to exercise on a plane journey? It’s very tempting to read a book or watch a movie but before you know it, two hours have passed and you haven’t moved a muscle. Remaining seated for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your health and plane journeys are no exception. I'm not condoning activities that will mean you will gain membership to that famous club in the sky (although that is a good way to exercise!) nor am I suggesting a full-blown Jillian Michaels inspired work out in the aisles. Exercise however, is important to avoid deep vein thrombosis and there are movements and stretches you can do to minimize health risks. Some are subtler than others but they’re all effective, so here are my best ways to exercise on a plane.

1. No Mean Feet

Flying can affect your body’s ability to return fluid to the heart and gravity can mean that fluid collects in your feet. This is why exercising is important. Lift both of your feet off the floor and draw circles with your toes with one foot moving clockwise and the other moving anti clockwise. Follow this with foot rocks. Point your heals upwards then place your feet flat on the floor. Then lift your heals but keep the balls of your feet on the floor. Repeat for thirty seconds. This exercise will increase circulation and reduce the likelihood of swelling and is one of the best ways to exercise on a plane.

Walk This Way
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