7 Awesome ✨ Ways to Get a Seat Upgrade ⤴️ for People Who Love to Travel ✈️ in Comfort 👌 ...


The internet is a great place to find cheap plane tickets, but surely it’d be even better to know how to get seat upgrades into business or first class.

It is rare and difficult since airlines usually don’t give upgrades unless seats are available or if you have a frequent flyer status. But, there are ways around to getting more comfortable, spacious and luxurious seats that would be a blessing, especially on long haul flights.

Have a look at these ways to get a seat upgrade for your next flight!

1. ARRIVE EARLY for Your Best Chance for Upgrade

Checking in early before the crowds arrive is a way of getting seat upgrades. Before anyone else has arrived, agents are more receptive to upgrade requests. Also, passengers who arrive early are more likely to be offered an upgrade if the economy class is overbooked, like a first-come-first-served basis.

BE POLITE to the Airline People
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