7 Best US State Fairs for a Rollicking Good Time ...

I’ve always been intrigued by state fairs when I see them in the movies. We have country fairs in England and I always wonder how different the events in our two countries are. I guess the one thing that isn’t different is that they should be fun and entertaining – a way to enjoy the company of friends and family, your community, eat great food and watch and participate in all sorts of interesting and fun things. Here are some of the state fairs I would love to attend:

1. Say "Moo" to the Butter Cow at Iowa State Fair

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Since 1911, around one million people from everywhere have been flocking to Iowa State Fair every year to see the famous butter cow. Created from ca. 600 pounds of Iowa butter by a sculptor who clearly hasn't butter fingers but a great sense of occasion, the cow is one of the highlights among US state fairs. Amazingly, the butter used to create the heart-attack inducing beasty is recycled and used to butter toast and tea cakes for up to 10 years! While visitors know what to expect with regard to the bovine element, they won't know until they get to Iowa State Fair what the cow's companion piece will be like, for every year a different sculpture stands next to the butter cow. In previous years, the cow has been watched over by buttery companions such as Elvis Presley and a Harley-Davidson motorbike and visitors could compare the rippling muscles of Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson with the cow's own sturdy legs.

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