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When it’s party time with the girls or time to let off steam with your honey, these US cities for a wild weekend are just the ticket. You want plenty to see during the day and plenty to entertain by night. When you want to hear the chink of cocktail glasses and dance your feet silly, these US cities for a wild weekend will be waiting.

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New Orleans

New Orleans Not even Hurricane Katrina could dim the Big Easy’s appetite for a party. Despite the havoc she wreaked, New Orleans has remained one of the best US cities for a wild weekend. With a laid-back vibe more reminiscent of a Caribbean island town than a US powerhouse, New Orleans is a city of music, food and good times – some say soul music, soul food and good for the soul, when really, it’s jazz and blues, a delicious mix of Creole and old southern and laissez les bons temps rouler, whatever’s happening. New Orleans and its people welcome you with a great bear hug to wander the French Quarter by day, enjoy a great meal any time and head on over to Bourbon Street for unlimited fun.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas It doesn’t matter that the citizens of Las Vegas will tell you that their city is more than The Strip and its subtle charms have to be sought out away from the blaze of neon. When it comes to party time the Strip is IT. Vegas really has it all when it come to wild weekends. Where else in the world can you choose to stay in Ancient Rome, Paris or New York, yet never leave the country? How about shopping in Venice after a gondola ride, meeting Elvis, learning how to play craps from a high roller or having your photo taken with Superman? It all happens in Vegas!



Miami It is often said that there are more eccentrics per square mile in Miami than anywhere else in the world. Don’t scoff, it is their eccentricity and the unique quirks of Downtown that make Miami one of the great US cities for a wild weekend. Thrown into the mix are laid back Caribbeans, Latinos with a sense of style, a fabulous gay scene, tons of celebrities, fitness freaks, retirees who refuse to grow old and some rednecks and you have the most weirdly wonderful melting pot. The beaches, the colorful art deco houses, the food places that range from the ultra-healthy through a straw food to the greased dripping soul food, and bars of clubs for every delectation and taste and you have one hell of a party town. You won’t lack for things to gawk at – day or night!



Austin The Texas capital offers plenty for the party animal. Apart from having one of the highest qualities of life stateside, Austin is the live music capital of the US. If sounds are one of your prerequisites for a wild weekend, Austin is your baby. Come sundown, every taste in music is accounted for. During the day just enjoy the ambience, go shopping, have lunch in a swanky restaurant or get some action out on/by the water. Jog off the excesses of the night before by Town Lake, wash away the city dust by diving into a spring fed pool or paddle your cares away in a kayak on the river.



Nashville It seems like where there’s music, there’s wild weekends. No surprise really; dancing is a great ingredient of wild weekends and unless you’ve got voices in your head, you need music to dance to. Nashville is the undoubted jewel in the country music crown, but don’t be fooled into thinking that to enjoy a weekend here you need to pull on your denims, gingham shirt and boots to dosey doe or line dance. Music spawns music, so Nashville has plenty of great bars, clubs and live music venues. By day get your southern groove on, go shopping, enjoy some delicious home style food and feel the country vibe.


New York

New York The city that never sleeps needs no introduction as one of the supreme US cities for wild weekends. The city so good they named it twice has so many things to see and do, you’ll never cram even a quarter of it into a weekend. But that matters not. Just plan what you want to do. Shop till you drop, sight-see some of the world’s most famous and iconic attractions, eat from simple street hot dog stands or fine dine in world class restaurants, and when it comes to the nightlife, you’ve got everything from classy cocktails in rooftop bars to the trendiest clubs, to authentic Irish bars.



Chicago Sights, sports, skyscrapers and shopping, festivals and food, art and architecture – Chicago is a menu of deliciousness for the weekend party seeker. You won’t lack for want of activities for the daytime and fun for the nighttime. Go to a ball game, see the view from Wills Tower, chill in Millennium Park, climb the Picasso statue and when you’re hungry, find joy in everything from a deep dish pizza to Tibetan dumplings. Let your hair down when the sun goes to bed as the city puts its glad rags on and throws open the doors to its music spots, bars, pubs and clubs, where having a good time is a qualification for entry.

It’s party time all the time in these cities when you head on down for a wild weekend. Are you ready to grab your travel companions and walk on the wild side?

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There is always something to do n Nashville! It is more than just country

San Diego

los angeles!!!

I'd love to go to Vegas!

Chi town! Celebrates my 21st, 22nd and 24th bday there!

Chicago is my hometown and I'll always love it!! and it's true there is always so much to do here :)

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