7 Best US Cities for a Wild Weekend ...

When it’s party time with the girls or time to let off steam with your honey, these US cities for a wild weekend are just the ticket. You want plenty to see during the day and plenty to entertain by night. When you want to hear the chink of cocktail glasses and dance your feet silly, these US cities for a wild weekend will be waiting.

1. New Orleans

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Not even Hurricane Katrina could dim the Big Easy’s appetite for a party. Despite the havoc she wreaked, New Orleans has remained one of the best US cities for a wild weekend. With a laid-back vibe more reminiscent of a Caribbean island town than a US powerhouse, New Orleans is a city of music, food and good times – some say soul music, soul food and good for the soul, when really, it’s jazz and blues, a delicious mix of Creole and old southern and laissez les bons temps rouler, whatever’s happening. New Orleans and its people welcome you with a great bear hug to wander the French Quarter by day, enjoy a great meal any time and head on over to Bourbon Street for unlimited fun.

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