8 Best Travel Freebies ...

When budgets are tight, isn’t it great to know that there are still some travel freebies? So many of the world’s best attractions and sights are now so highly commercialized that even buying a bottle of water on site can make a dent in your holiday spends. But, are there still some really terrific places that don’t have an entrance fee that belong in the travel top drawer and aren’t second-rate? There sure are, and here are some of the best travel freebies.

1. Parc Güell, Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city known for some great travel freebies. Parc Güell is a 17-hectare garden complex created almost one hundred years ago. Some refer to it as an alien landscape. The surrealist work of Antonio Gaudi is one of the Catalonia capital’s best loved attractions. Its ornate staircases, tunnels, and secret pathways cost nothing to explore, whilst revealing stunning views you can’t find anywhere else. (A walking tour to see Gaudi’s other masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia, also costs nothing.)

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