7 Best Things to do in Mykonos ...

There’s fabulous scenery, a wonderful culture, and plenty of things to do in Mykonos. They’re what makes it one of the most popular Greek Islands. Well, if I’m being truthful, Mykonos is actually a very glamorous destination that sizzles with style and atmosphere. Fashionistas are at home in its swanky shops and party animals love the bar hopping scene. The beaches are fabulous and there are day trips to other islands for immersions into ancient Greek culture. If you’re heading down Greece way but undecided about which island to visit, these things to do in Mykonos will surely convince you it’s the place to go.

1. Exploring Mykonos Town on Foot

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One of the best things to do in Mykonos is to simply set out on foot and stroll through the winding alleyways. Be sure to wear fashionable sunglasses, for the contrast of white-washed houses and deep blue skies will dazzle your eyes and make you sneeze. This is Greece in essence and before long you'll reach a dream-like, white sandy beach where you can cool your steaming toes in crystal clear waters. Take a few pictures along the way: old ladies shelling peas outside on their doorstep and sleepy cats grinning at you with an enigmatic Cheshire-cat smile are popular holiday snaps from Mykonos and endearingly free attractions of the Greek Islands.

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