2. A Belfast Pub Crawl

Even if getting completely leg-less isn't your thing, a pub crawl is one of the most fun - and also illuminating - things to do in Belfast, for it allows you to get up close and personal with that mysterious beasty, the historic Belfast reveller. Some of Belfast's ancient pubs and inns are actually National Trust properties, such as the Victorian splendour that is The Crown Liquor Saloon, a Grade A listed hostelry built in 1885 and restored to a standard that wouldn't have prompted Queen Victoria to turn up her dainty nose. Boasting traditional booths where guests can enjoy their ale in private, the former gin-and-hot venue has lovely stained glass windows and a cozy atmosphere to match. Belfast's Cathedral Quarter also has a few quirky pubs to offer, including Filthy McNasty's and Ollies, which attracts dance crowds, while the former relies on a cocktail-drinking clientele.