7 Best Themed Restaurants in Disney World ...

The best themed restaurants in Disney World have an atmosphere that is just as good as the food. Disney World is known for its incredible attention to detail and these restaurants are no exception. This list has old Disney World staples as well as new additions to the theme parks. At these themed restaurants in Disney World you will find something to suit not only your appetite but also your eyes!

1. Be Our Guest

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By far one of the best themed restaurants in Disney World is Be Our Guest inside Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom Park. Be Our Guest takes you inside Beast’s castle from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. After passing through a brass gate and a stone bridge guarded by gargoyles, your adventure inside Beast’s castle begins. Guests walk through a hallway full of armor and then have the option to dine in the elegant ballroom where Beast and Belle shared their first dance, the eerie West Wing with tattered curtains and the enchanted rose, or the Rose Gallery that features a 7 foot tall music box of Beast and Belle. The restaurant contains stained glass, medieval windows, and mosaics. For lunch, Be Our Guest is a quick-service meal where guests place their orders before being seated, but for dinner the restaurant transforms into a table-service dining experience. No matter when you go, be sure to try Lumière’s famous ‘Grey Stuff’ for dessert. When it comes to theming at Disney World restaurants, Be Our Guest is second to none!

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