7 Best Spas in NYC to Treat Yourself ...

The best spas in NYC will leave you feeling like a brand new person. You may go in stressed out, tensed, fatigued, and generally full of malaise, but you'll come out rejuvenated, relaxed, and relieved of all your stress, with a definite spring in your step. A lot of the best NYC spas are actually located within the city's best hotels, so if you're splurging on a stay in a luxury hotel, you can splurge a little more by indulging at the spa. Take a look at the most fantastic spas in New York City and see which one you'd prefer.

1. Caudalie Spa

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The Caudalie Spa is more than just one of the best spas in NYC; it's located in one of the city's best hotels as well, the Plaza. Right now, the Vinotherapie Spa is making huge waves, and although it's still relatively new, it is very popular. Other treatments include heavenly body wraps of all kinds – energy wraps, honey and wine wraps, slimming wraps, and more. There are dry body treatments and scrubs, massages of every imaginable type, plus facials, manicures, pedicures, and much more.


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