10 Best Places to Experience the Royal Family in the UK ...

Many visitors arrive in the UK simply looking for the best places to experience the Royal Family. The Royal Family is an endless source of fascination at home and abroad. For many, it’s because their home country has nothing to compare, and for others it is the pomp and circumstance, and maybe even the family members themselves. They do live an amazing lifestyle in some incredible homes, scattered all over the land, so let’s take a tour around some of the best places to experience the Royal Family in the UK.

1. Buckingham Palace

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Perhaps the most obvious of the best places to experience the Royal Family, Buckingham Place is the official residence of the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II. For centuries, visitors could pretty much only stand outside the gates and view the palace from the outside but these days, β€œBuck House” is much more accessible. There are tours of the interior (limited access to 19 rooms) and thanks to Danny Boyle and James Bond, we even had a glimpse of the state apartments in the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. As well as hosting the Changing of the Guard and famed garden parties, the palace also hosts rock concerts.

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