7 Best Places for an Adventure in Europe ...

There are so many fabulous towns and cities, amazing countryside and a wealth of historical attractions, that it’s often forgotten that there are some awesome places for an adventure in Europe. Whatever gets your adrenaline rushing and your heart pumping, whatever your sport, or if it’s cultural thrills that float your boat, I’m sure you’ll be impressed by these places for an adventure in Europe.

1. Mountain Climbing and Exquisite Dining in Mont Blanc, France

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Western Europe’s highest peak serves as one of the most spectacular places for an adventure in Europe and can be reached via three routes, all of which are offered by Jagged Globe, one of Mont Blanc’s premiere expedition companies. The Goûter Route is the most highly trafficked and requires of its climbers a moderately good fitness level. With two huts to stay in along the way, you can kick back and enjoy France’s famed cuisine during your three-day long summit. Altogether, the journey generally takes eight days, and includes training and practice climbs. However, Mont Blanc requires a bit of expertise with ice axe and crampons, so practice up before booking a spot.

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