7 Best Luxury Hotels Fit for a Queen ...

Check out these 7 best luxury hotels fit for a queen in 7 of the most romantic cities around the world. Don’t you just sometimes want to get away, say the heck with the cost, and let someone else pamper you lavishly for a while? Well, check out these spectacular hotels in some favorite cities of the world. Sure, the destinations are incredible, but it might be just as fun to bask afterwards in one of these 7 best luxury hotels fit for a queen. Think about it. That queen is you!

1. The Royal Hawaiian (Honolulu, Hawaii, United States)

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Known as one of the most romantic destination spots for honeymoons, Hawaii sure knows luxury. Even the name of their five star hotel screams royalty. The Royal Hawaiian definitely fits the bill for one of the 7 best luxury hotels fit for a queen. Guests can enjoy private beaches, fresh seafood, and be pampered in the spa. At the end of the day, a luxurious room is waiting in this breath-taking hotel.

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