7 Best Islands for Viewing Wildlife ...

Although the world’s continents have many fantastic locations offering the best wildlife viewing experiences, some of our planet’s islands are truly amazing. The islands with the best wildlife usually present something different to their nearest continental neighbors because an ocean not only separates them geographically, but ecologically too. The best places in the world to see wildlife quite often means seeing animals not see anywhere else other than these amazing islands. Here are 7 Best Islands for Viewing Wildlife:

1. Tobago

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The much smaller sister of Trinidad, Tobago is a beautiful Caribbean island. One of the most southerly islands it has an absolute wealth of wildlife on its pristine beaches and in its rainforests. Turtle Beach, as you might guess by its name is an amazing place to watch the turtle egg laying and hatching (although strictly controlled for conservation purposes) and the forests are home to amazing array of tropical birds.

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