10 Best Hotels in New York City to Splurge on ...

The best hotels in NYC are known for being completely luxurious. You get more than the amenities; you get to feel exclusive, pampered, and incredibly rich – even if you're just splurging for a night or two. You might not be able to afford a week long stay, you might not be able to afford luxury hotels all of the time, but if there's any time to treat yourself, it's definitely while you're on vacation – especially if you happen to be visiting New York, one of the most exciting, glamorous cities in the whole world. There are lots of luxurious hotels in New York City to choose from, it all depends on where you want to stay and the kind of atmosphere you want to enjoy while you're there. So, take a look at some of the best NYC hotels and decide what's right for you when you want to indulge!

1. The Plaza

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In addition to being one of the best hotels in NYC, the Plaza is an outright landmark, only partly owing to the fact that it ranges along iconic Fifth Avenue. It has been a scene stealing setting in dozens of movies, but it's even more incredible in real life. Not only are you centrally located when you stay there, you can also take advantage of the many amazing facilities. The hotel offers babysitting, there's a butler available on every floor, it has its own mall, there are bars and restaurants, ball rooms, and it goes without saying that you can take advantage of some of the most fabulous spa services found anywhere.


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